Turning Point Action is seeking a skilled CRM Specialist who possesses a strong technological perspective, particularly in HUBSPOT software. The ideal candidate will excel as both a data analyst and an expert in deciphering complex data sets to uncover patterns of voter behavior and turnout. Additionally, proficiency in understanding of the election process is crucial, as this role involves utilizing data to guide TPA’s field teams in refining their strategies and targeting specific territories.


  • Utilize HUBSPOT software to manage and optimize customer relationship management processes effectively.

  • Analyze complex data sets, identify patterns of voting behavior, and derive valuable insights to inform decision-making.

  • Experience leading CRM build-out, integration and migration (from prior platforms); hands-on experience specifically with HubSpot and Go High Level

  • Collaborate with internal staffers to enhance the integration of the CRM with other applications and platforms.

  • Address technical CRM issues promptly, including responding to customization requests.

  • Maintain the integrity and accuracy of CRM data through careful attention to detail.

  • Communicate effectively with internal staff and produce technical training

    materials for users.

  • Handle competing demands from the field program by utilizing strong

    organizational skills.

  • Demonstrate problem-solving abilities and foster excellent communication


Minimum Qualifications:

  • 1-2 years of experience in CRM management, preferably within a similar political or campaign setting.

  • Proficiency in utilizing HUBSPOT CRM software, with a deep understanding of its functionalities.

  • Experience leading CRM build-out and integration

  • Flexibility for resolving technical CRM issues and fulfilling customization requests.

  • Up to date self-development within all social media, Hubspot, Google Tag Manager and Go High Level

  • Strong organizational skills, enabling effective management of competing


  • Proficient project management and collaboration skills, allowing to manage multiple tasks and projects while sticking to deadlines

  • Proficiency in discerning meaning from patterns and identifying trends in data.

  • Good problem-solving abilities and exceptional communication skills.

"Wow" Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of party politics and a deep understanding of political landscapes.

  • Experience in campaign data analytics and CRM management.

  • Degree in data or computer science or related field.